Project Management

Base Camp


Base Camp by 37 Signals is one of the most well known Project Management systems available and mainly because it's so easy to use.  Their view is that software that requires a manual is failed software. this philosophy is carried throughout all of their products.

Easy Projects

Easy Projects .NET is a web-based project management tool, making team collaboration hassle-free and straightforward. They say its "The easiest all-in-one project management software."

Me 2 Team

Plan, do achieve. You can simply fill in some boxes to develop and update a plan fast. Me2Team synchronizes plans and relevant peoples’ To-Do lists, shows progress and keeps you and others informed.

Gantt Project

Free Project Scheduling and Management. Gantt Project is a cross-platform desktop tool. It runs on Windows, Linux and MacOSX, it is free and its code is opensource.


Software development and collaboration tools for teams that get stuff done.


This integrates with and operates within MS Outlook and it is certified for Microsoft Dynamics.
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