Nillumbik Shire

Nillumbik Shire Small Business Resource Directory

Nillumbik Shire CouncilThis includes listings for local business networks .
Ph 03 9433 3111
Nillumbik Home Business Network The Nillumbik Home Business Network have a great online presence along with lots of information and events for its members. They also have monthly networking nights and fortnightly breakfasts.
Ph 03 9433-3315
Diamon Creek ShoppingThe official site of the Diamond Creek Traders Association. This is one of the few Traders Association sites that has actually put their business directory on the front page.
Ph 03 9439 0670
Eltham Town This is the site for Eltham including the local Eltham business directoryCoordinator Lucy Anderson 
Ph 03 9431 4498
tbridge Village
Here you will find information for the Hurstbridge Traders Association and Traders Directory.
Nillumbik Tourism 28 Scenic Crescent Eltham North Vic 3095
Ph 1300 66 00 72 

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