City of Ballarat

City of Ballarat Small Business Resource Directory

Business Victoria   Ballarat Victorian Business Centre48 sturt St, Ballarat vic 3350
Ph: 03 5320 5900
Ballarat Business IncubatorBallarat Victorian Incubator (BEC)15 Dawson St South, Ballarat Vic 3350
PH: 03 5337 2901
Ballarat BECUniversity of Ballarat  (BEC)Lydiard St South, Ballarat, 3350
PH: 03 5327 8180
Business Ballarat
The Economic Development Unit of the City of Ballarat is committed to facilitating business and industry development opportunities.
Phone: 03 5320 5620
Commerce Ballarat 
Commerce Ballarat is the result of a merger of the Ballarat Chamber of Commerce and the Ballarat Retail Board. LINK DOWN CURRENTLY15 Dawson St Sth, Ballarat Vic 3350
PH: 03 5364 2904
Ballarat Like Minds It is for young motivated people in business in the Ballarat area who are wanting to further themselves either personally, in the community or in business and above all want to have fun while doing so…
Ph: 03 5320 5731
Brace MicroNet  BRACE is a non-profit organisation which provides education, training and employment opportunities, programs and services for a diverse range of clients.They offer Strategic planning for business, mentoring, seminars and networking oppurtunities.602 Urquhart St, BALLARAT VIC 3350
Ph: 03 5333 3700
Ballarat Junior Chamber of Commerce The Ballarat Chapter, Junior Chamber International is a non-government organisation which seeks to develop the potential of young people, and equip them for future leadership roles in business and the wider community. JCI meets on a monthly basis, and membership is open to young adults.
Ph:  03 5343 5236

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