Look Local First

Think Global, Shop Local

Looking locally first not only saves time, its better for the community, environment and helps you build relationships with other local businesses.


Main Street Australia

Main Street Australia (formally Community Business Centres Victoria) is a non-profit membership-based association who look at promoting and developing traditional community shopping and business centres across Australia.

ICTC Society     07 3161 5901

This is a great worldwide organisation based in Australia looking at enhancing the quality of life of those in cities, towns & communities through being environmentally, socially & economically sustainable as possible.

International Downtown Association (US)


The great grocery 'swindle' (2008)
Independent grocers seek stricter rules to limit big chains (2007)
Shopper docket fuel myth: Real-time data shows small service stations cheapest (2016)
Shopper docket fuel discounts are so 2007 (2017)
Fruit and vegies: why do they cost so much, and who gets what? (2016)
Vegemite brand back in Australian hands after Bega deal (2017)
Are there any Aussie icon brands left? (2008)
Eaten by Singapore? (2007)

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